Family Sharing, INC.
  P.O. Box 665, Fishersville, VA 22939, 540-480-0182, fax 540-416-4319
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Building Lives Through Service
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​Family Sharing, Inc. is a home-based business. All employees work from home and in the community.

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PO Box 665
Fishersville, VA  22939
fax 540-416-4319
Family Sharing, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Deborah Brinkley and Meneika Chandler on the principle of service.  This principle is demonstrated in their commitment to assuring that every individual with intellectual disabilities is treated with dignity and respect and offered the same opportunities for choice, participation, safety, and community that are enjoyed by those without disabilities.  

This principle is also demonstrated by their commitment to serving their staff and contracted direct care professionals.  Contracted direct care professionals are offered quality training and staff support to enable them to provide superior care to the individual in their home and to meet their unique physical, medical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social needs.  Family Sharing employees enjoy a flexible, home-based work environment and the ability to be available for their family.
Deborah Brinkley

​Deborah Brinkley has been in the field of social work and disability supports since 1996.  She has extensive experience with the community integration of supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities and has a vast knowledge of resources and support.
As a social worker, Debi works tirelessly to find creative, holistic, and effective ways to improve the well-being of men, women, and children through all disciplines of life.  Debi is a strong advocate for community care for people with disabilities and for the development of appropriate systems to enable people to be successful.  Debi is committed to community awareness as well, working with various committees and organizations to improve service provision throughout the state.
Meneika Chandler
She has experience in crisis counseling, special education, and business administration, Meneika utilizes her skills in observation, planning and implementation to help individuals achieve their goals and overcome barriers through a "whole person" approach.  Meneika is a strong advocate at the state and local level and stays active with various committees and organizations to improve service provision for those with disabilities.
Meneika Chandler has worked in residential services for individuals with intellectual disabilities since 2000.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a specialty in behavioral supports for individuals who experience challenges with living successfully in the community.