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​Family Sharing, Inc. is a home-based business. All employees work from home and in the community.

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Residential Supports

Family Sharing, Inc. Provides Sponsored Residential Services through the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to adults with intellectual disabilities.  This is a service in which families offer their homes, time and love to adult individuals who become a part of their household and their community and gain experience through active participation. Family Sharing, Inc. provides support to the the contracted direct care family and oversight of the placement to assure the happiness of the Individuals and that their needs are being met.  Family Sharing, Inc. employees are Qualified Intellectual Disabilities and Qualified Mental Health Professionals who provide expertise in service oversight and provision to individuals with varying disabilities.  These professionals work closely with the contracted direct care professional, the case manager, and other providers involved with the supports to the individual to assure a therapeutic and person centered approach to individual supports.  

Family Sharing, Inc. also provides Supportive In-Home Services through the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to adults and children ages 16 and older.  This is a service in which employees who are independent living coordinators work with the individual in their own homes to build skills, provide assistance with independent living, and achieve their personal goals. As with Sponsored Residential Services, the dedicated professionals at Family Sharing, Inc. provide continual supervision and oversight to maintain Family Sharing's commitment to superior care and support.

Advocacy and Provider Support

Family Sharing, Inc. believes that in order for an individual with disabilities to enjoy the freedoms that are so valuable to everyone in this country, he or she must be given choice and the opportunity to access effective resources within the community.  

Therefore, Family Sharing, Inc. promotes the mutual support of providers of disability services of all areas of service need.  

Currently, Family Sharing, Inc. is host of the Shenandoah Valley Provider Forum, which is comprised of various providers licensed by Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, overseen by the Office of Human Rights, or are providers of Medicaid Waiver services to adults and children with disabilities in the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville Area.  

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